Composite Veneers

These types of veneers are used to improve the shape, shade and overall look of your teeth giving you a more attractive smile.

Composite veneers can be used to fix minor chips, cracks, gaps and discolouration in teeth. They are different from ceramic veneers as they require little if any tooth reduction (drilling natural tooth substance) and the treatment can be completed in just one visit.

Unlike ceramic veneers, composite can stain just like your natural teeth giving you a very natural looking smile. Using whitening toothpaste can help reduce the staining of the composite as well as your natural teeth. If any staining does happen then a hygiene session with your dentist every 4-5 months will buff up the composites and your natural teeth nicely.

In order to achieve a perfect yet natural looking smile your dentist must have an artistic edge and the technical skills that composite veneers demand. A dentist experienced in composite veneers will have a clear understanding of the properties of dental materials and experience in hand-crafting and creating the natural shape and characteristics of teeth.

Composite veneers can last for years but there are many different determining factors like; the quality of the composite material (this can make a big difference to the strength and appearance of the composite veneers) and the practices of the patient (teeth grinding, their eating and drinking habits and general oral hygiene). Composite veneers can last many years and are repairable which makes them, in this respect, easy to handle in case of minor damage.

A consultation and examination will determine if you are suitable for composite veneers (the bite of a patient and the current status of their teeth and gums). It is important that there are no signs of any gum problems otherwise you will need to undergo a periodontal treatment prior to any cosmetic procedure.

Composite veneers are not only cheaper than ceramic veneers but they can be used to help give a patient a clear picture how their smile would look without making the commitment of drilling away natural teeth.

Kings Cross Dental Clinic does not believe in drilling away natural teeth for the sake of it. If our dentist can save the natural substance of your teeth then the advice will always be "orthodontics", "composite veneers" or "Lumineers" as once your tooth substance has been taken away it will never regenerate.

Dental implants are often the preferred tooth replacement therapy and only a lack of solid bone under the tooth socket can cause this treatment choice to be rejected.

Your dental implant will look and function like your original tooth – except that it will be impervious to decay.

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