White Fillings

We only provide "mercury-free" treatments so, no silver fillings will be used, if the dentist will see any medical indication for replacing existing silver fillings with white fillings or ceramic restorations, the dentist will advise you on this.

Because of the high rates of cracked teeth filled with large silver fillings we always advise patients to change them to white fillings or ceramic restorations which are able to protect the teeth from cracking much better than what the silver fillings can.

Large white fillings always require a complicated and time consuming procedure, approximately 1 hour. This is because the tooth has to be restored with many layers specifically positioned, so no post-treatment sensitivity, secondary decay or tooth crack will occur.

The last aspect and the most obvious with white fillings is their tooth colour which, if matched correctly, will hardly be noticeable as seen in Picture 3.

Dental implants are often the preferred tooth replacement therapy and only a lack of solid bone under the tooth socket can cause this treatment choice to be rejected.

Your dental implant will look and function like your original tooth – except that it will be impervious to decay.

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