Gum Treatment

The gum treatments aim is fighting Gingivitis (infection of the gum) and Periodontitis (infection of the root surface and surrounding bone) which are common in more than 80% of people.

Because Periodontitis is a chronic disease which cannot be healed but it can be stopped by proper professional gum treatment and very good compliance from the patient them self, we motivate people to solve this very serious and common condition offering high quality affordable gum treatments.

How does periodontitis occur?

Initially, neglecting oral hygiene, bacteria will populate the surfaces between gum and teeth causing an inflammation of the gum named gingivitis. Untreated, the infection will migrate onto the root surface infecting the surrounding bone causing bone loss known as bone pockets. Periodontitis can also be inherited; diabetes and smoking are just some of the other things that can cause periodontitis.

If gum disease is present gum treatment is the most important to perform, which will ensure a healthy basement required before starting any cosmetic procedure. The most basic nonetheless highly effective gum treatment is the manual removal of the pocket content (bacteria and their products, infected tissue, food impacted into the pocket and tartar build-up on the root surfaces under the gum) with special instruments under local anesthetic or a gel applied into the pocket which makes the procedure pain free.

If untreated the pockets can develop an abscess (periodontal abscess) which can cause serious discomfort and pain as well as the incapacity of using the area where the abscess has developed. Furthermore the bacteria infecting the pockets can go into the blood system affecting the heart and the joints.

In advanced stages of periodontitis the teeth can be displaced creating gaps, killing the nerve or causing massive bone loss merging into tooth loss.

Dental implants are often the preferred tooth replacement therapy and only a lack of solid bone under the tooth socket can cause this treatment choice to be rejected.

Your dental implant will look and function like your original tooth – except that it will be impervious to decay.

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