Maintaining good oral hygiene is the basis to a healthy mouth. Failure to undergo regular professional cleaning can have devastating effects promoting irreversible damage on teeth, gum and bone. 

Neglected oral hygiene will result in unpleasant gum disease (gingivitis) with swollen, red, bleeding and sore gums. Untreated, the gum disease will spread from the gum to the root surface of the teeth causing infections of the surrounding bone known as Periodontitis. In advanced stages painful periodontal abscesses and tooth loss can occur. Plaque can also cause demineralization of the enamel and bacteria will then make their way towards the dental nerve destroying the layers of the tooth protecting the nerve. Once reached the nerve will become infected, die and without dental treatment the infection will spread through the root canals into the bone sometimes causing life threatening abscesses. All those conditions are usually accompanied with bad breath.

In our clinic hygiene will be carried out by a dentist and perfect hygiene will be provided. A full oral assessment involving an inspection of the whole oral cavity and soft tissue status will be provided in all appointments.

If there are any pathological gum or bone pockets the dentist might advise you to go for a combined manual and ultra-sonic deep scaling which will prevent the progress of gum disease.

Dental implants are often the preferred tooth replacement therapy and only a lack of solid bone under the tooth socket can cause this treatment choice to be rejected.

Your dental implant will look and function like your original tooth – except that it will be impervious to decay.

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