Teeth whitening

There are many different types of factors that can affect the whiteness of your teeth. Whether it be caused by smoking or environmental factors that you are exposed to daily from the types of foods and drinks that you consume.

The negative effect of these foods will cause staining to reach levels that cannot be addressed by brushing alone.  

We at Kings Cross Dental offer the home whitening treatment and is more suitable for patients who prefer to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their home. You still can achieve that brighter smile and will achieve a noticeable whiter smile after your first use, and a more radiant smile in just 7 days.

Here at Kings Cross Dental we offer a professional service where the patients always leave very happy and satisfied. Effective zoom tooth whitening is always preformed in a safe clinical environment by dental professionals. Who use safe chemicals proven to greatly enhance the whiteness of your smile.

The treatment itself is very brief but has fantastic results. The procedure consists of three 15 minute sessions and is ideal for anyone who is looking for immediate results. Where you can enjoy a whiter smile by up to 8 shades lighter than previously.

It is possible to perform teeth whitening in as little time as you take for lunch. Your dentist places protective dams against your gums, applies a special compound, and then exposes your teeth to a UV light, which activates the compound and bleaches the stains from your tooth surface. Normally, there will be three 15-minute applications in total. Up to 8 shades lighter, with zoom advanced power whitening at Kings Cross Dental. Where we welcome all central Londoners and patients to experience this fabulous treatment to a brighter whiter smile.

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